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Early Education Jobs is more than just a job listing site.  Having decades of experience in early education; we know first hand the challenges to employee recruitment – state education and certification requirements, employment delays while waiting on background checks, wage constraints, and numerous other roadblocks.

In planning Early Education Jobs, we conducted surveys and spoke with lots of early education employers and employees.  One of the things that stood out in our conversations with early education employers was the high turnover rate of new hires during the first few months. Many voiced how it becomes apparent within just a few days that it is not a good match.  So, either the employee “self-selects” to move on or the decision to let the new employee go is made.  As part of this common conversation, early education employers expressed how they would not have hired the individual if they had known this or that.  Making a hiring decision based upon limited information is common in many industries but more so in early education.  Given state regulations, background checks, teacher to student ratios, and many other regulatory requirements, early education employers must often hire someone very quickly or risk being out of compliance with state guidelines.  A limited qualified candidate pool and the need to hire quickly often results in hiring individuals without a through interviewing and screening process.

The need for providing a way for early education employers and potential employees to interact and learn more about one another played a large role in our design and development of Early Education Jobs.  Yes, employers can place job listings, review candidate applications, and resumes just like other job sites.  However, the focus of Early Education Jobs is the creation of an Early Education Community composed of employers, teachers, directors, administrative support staff and other early education professionals. By leveraging internet technologies, early education professionals can get to know one another by interacting through live company spotlight presentations, discussion forums, surveys, blog posts with commenting and online workshops. As time goes by, you will get to know these individuals – what they think, better insight into their experience, how they present themselves and level of professionalism and most of all would they be a good match for your early education company, culture, and mission.  Moreover, the next time you find yourself needing to quickly find a director, lead teacher or cook, you may have some folks that you have gotten to know from Early Education Jobs that would be the perfect fit.

To get started, sign-up for an account, post a job listing, visit the discussion forums, read others comments and post some of your thoughts and start engaging with early educational professionals.  Also, reach out to friendly folks at Early Education Jobs if you would like to learn more about promoting your company through Company Spotlights, featured company ad banners, contributing content and other ways we can help you promote your early education company, jobs and increase your engagement within the Early Education Jobs community.  Click to get started.

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